A place of continual worship & Prayer

We have been gripped by the word of the Lord to build Him a house of prayer. Our 24/7 prayer room, is open to the public during scheduled hours. The prayer room has been designed to reflect the tabernacle of David (1 Chr. 9:33; 22–24); it is a place where prayer and worship are continually lifted before the Lord. Each prayer session is facilitated by a team member and/or worship leader from our community who has a heart for 24/7 prayer and worship. We know that as we engage and connect with His heart we will see revival and justice manifest in our city!

All are welcome to come and go freely and to stay in the prayer room as long as they like. While in the prayer room, feel free to join in with the corporate worship and prayer, read your Bible, study a favorite commentary, write in your journal, or engage in private prayer. You may sit, stand, or pace. Whatever you do, we ask that you do it in a manner that honors and serves the other people in the room.

If you have any questions while visiting, please do not hesitate to ask. We extend a very warm welcome to you, our visitor, and hope the Lord will minister to you while you visit.