The Lord has given us a heart to see the nation of India reached with the good news of the gospel. In partnership with Charlies Lunch Ministries, we have given of our time, energy and finances to support new feeding centers, so impoverished children can get a good meal and hear the message of Jesus on a regular basis.


Our outreach teams fulfill the mandates of Luke 15. They go out to seek diligently for the lost, hurting and oppressed in order that they might be found, healed, and delivered.

Inner Healing

We offer inner healing sessions, with trained prayer counselors, by appointment.  


Healing Room

The Healing Room is a ministry created to release the healing power of the Holy Spirit in to the lives of everyone in our community. If you need prayer for physical healing contact this ministry. Healing Room ministry is by appointment only. Contact healingroom@nvhop.org

Prayer Room

With the goal that the fire on the alter would never go out; the prayer room is the ministry from which all the others gain strength, vision, sustainability.

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