Reno's Tent of Meeting

Marking a heart

I’d like to share a story with all of you. In April 2016 I attended a conference in Los Angeles CA. with nearly 80 thousand in attendance. During that few days, the Lord confirmed that last 10 years of my life. I knew that what I had given myself to would not be in vain. Something specific the Lord highlighted to me at that time was a story from the early days of the Azusa Revival. It was a story about the Bonnie Brae House, you can read the full story here. Part of the story recounts that “At one point, the house swelled with people so much that the front porch caved in. No one was injured, but they realized that they had outgrown the house and it was time to get a larger place…” Since then I have been asking the Lord to break the porch in Reno! 

Now two years later to the month we find ourselves being stirred again by the Holy Spirit to consecrate ourselves in prayer and worship. I won’t take time to share the entire story that led me to sound this call to action, but I do believe we are in a time full of grace to see an explosion in our city like that of Acts 2! To read the story that inspired this call to prayer to visit and check out their recent blog post

Fathers & Mothers unto a New Jesus movement!

I shared with some friends recently that it is no coincidence the recent gathering of intercessors in our area are primarily the fathers and mothers. These are men and women who experienced the first Jesus movement. I believe the fathers and mothers are meant to pass on the mantle of fiery intercession to a generation hungry for the things of God. The testimonies and stories of our region are tied to every story and testimony in the Kingdom and they are vital to encourage the next generation of believers in Reno. There is a rich spiritual heritage in Reno and you are a part of that!  Would you join your story with ours?

Call to Action

Would you consider setting apart these ten days April 8-18 to gather with fellow saints in your own area? The disciples and close followers of Jesus gathered in an upper room for ten days between Acts 1 and Acts 2 when the Holy Spirit fell at Pentecost. Then, in the Spring of 1906, William Seymour gathered with about a dozen other believers for ten days of fasting and prayer in a little house on Bonnie Brae Street when heaven crashed in. The “upper room” became a birthing room. What could it mean for our city and state, for our nation, for the world, if God was to find an upper room company once again? 

Reno’s Tent of Meeting

To do our part in serving this region with prayer and worship I would like to invite you to join a current prayer time to pray for the outpouring of a new Jesus movement and that the Holy Spirit would break the porch! You can find times to join us on our calendar. See you in the Prayer Room!