Just Worship

You never know when the Lord chooses to encounter a life in a powerful way. John speaking about the Holy Spirit says in his gosple, “The wind blows wherever it wants. Just as you can hear the wind but can’t tell where it comes from or where it is going so you can’t explain how people are born of the Spirit.” Yet, at unexpected moments the Holy Spirit will reveal His great love and overwhelm us just because He really likes us.

This last year, one of our worship leaders had a loving encounter with the Father. It serves as a reminder that we don’t have to earn His affection. All He wants is relationship with you. And all you have to do is stay in relationship with Him— keep the conversation going. You can do this through prayer, worship, creativity, meditation on His Word or turning your attention toward Him as you drive across town. He wants to lavish you with His goodness. He is interested in your life. The small things and the big things are important to Him. As you read Michael’s testimony be encouraged that the Lord wants to meet you in a similar way when you choose connection instead of disconnection.

Michael’s Story

Being a Christian songwriter and recording artist I always appreciate having a place to just sit for an hour and worship our Lord. The Nevada House of Prayer is just that place.

I am always amazed at the Lords faithfulness. Whether the prayer room is packed or there are only a few in attendance He shows up. Good Friday is a great example there were only a few folks in the prayer room, but it turned out to be an extraordinary evening. There have been evenings when the presence of the Lord was so strong and yet tender that I had to really control myself to keep from breaking down and weeping while some of those in the audience were weeping under the presence.

Another amazing night there was in March of this year. I was in New York last November and developed a horrible case of vertigo. The doctor said there was fluid in my left ear from nasel congestion and a few days of a decongestant would take care of it. But it didn’t! Whenever I would turn my head to the left when lying down the room would spin. After four months of this with nothing helping me I went to an ENT the last Tuesday of March. My head was still spinning but the ENT said there is no fluid in your ear and there is no infection either so he said I needed to get an MRI to rule out a tumor in my ear canal.

The next night was Wednesday, I went in to the House of Prayer to do my worship set. I didn’t tell anyone there what I was battling and what the doctor said, I just worshipped. It was a powerful night. When I went to bed that night I fell asleep quickly but woke up around 2am and I felt something was different. I turned my head to the left and no spinning. I did it again and again...no spinning, the first time in four months.

The doctors office called the next day to set up my MRI... I said I don’t need it God healed my ear last night while worshipping Him. It was a testimony for that nurse. My ear is still fine.

Michael is a worship leader at the Nevada House of Prayer and also serves in worship with other ministries in the Reno area.